Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Bearing the image of Christ

 A reporter asked Elvis a question: do you think you’ve lived up to the image thats been created? 

Elvis said .. The image is one thing and a Human being is another. 

He then said with sadness in his eyes .. You know its very difficult to live up to an image ! 

This really got me thinking. 

God created us in His image and likeness. 

God formed man from the dust of the ground.

But God never created man to then try and live up to the image of God. 

Gods plan was simply to live in man where man would then be filled with the fullness of God and become the dazzling expression of God in the earth .  

We were created to be living beings not living doings trying our best to be like Jesus! 

Many today are still on the hamster wheel trying their best by the flesh to live up to whatever image of God that religion has created and said you need to try real hard to live up to this image, which only leads to death! 

To Be Holy for I am Holy ! is not something that we set out to achieve or live up to through our own sheer will power and determination, but its who we’ve already been created to be in Christ! … We are already Holy in Christ 

So Relax and just Be who you are now in Christ ! 

But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and redemption— that, as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the LORD …

1 Corinthians 1:30-31

The best thing for a believer to do is to stop trying to be like Jesus and embrace the Gospel that says 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 

2 Corinthians 5:17

Remember it’s not about our trying as it is Christs dying. 

The power of the cross is to understand what actually took place at the cross. Not only did Christ die on the cross, but I died with Christ on the cross. I was buried with Christ and I was  also raised with 

Christ to walk in newness of life in Him. 

Christ is my Life .

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